Young Sibira

Posted Sep 22, 2018, 6:46:33 PM

A portrait of Sibira kuni Kirev at around the age of eleven, when he would have met Masahiro and Muidemi as they held a line along the border od Yardow through the winter.  He ends up with Muidemi as her second husband after being named a war hero in Llams, and the death of Masahiro of the Vir. By then he is 25-26 so I'm working on the older view of him now 😊 He ends up becoming quite an influencial character down the road, helping Muidemi to build her own kingdom...well, queendom? Anyway, they develop a new nation of western Llams and avert their own civil war (hopefully).  I initially wanted to see a velmuht without their ears "clipped". Not too many choices in character there due to cultural practice of cutting them short, I had to draw either a child or a woman who chose to leave them long but wasn't in the mood to do Tarnimikoto ni Daarude, Muidemi's mother. So prepubescent Sibira it was, but that works out well as he is introduced into the story as a minor character at first then reappears a little over a decade later with one of Muidemi's velmuhtian cousins and his own tale to tell.  Also, never having drawn children at a variety of ages before, great practice to try😋

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  • Oct 1, 2018
    • Oct 5, 2018
      Thank you Sorrel -g, I think wow would be a positive thing Big Smile It is nice to really see this character start to come to life, and it is a foundation for developing his race and culture. Now I will have to draw a woman Wink
      • Oct 6, 2018
        Yeah, for some reason on this site I can only see the pictures in thumbnail so it's hard to comment in more detail. But this picture looks great. It seems a shame they crop their ears.
        • Oct 6, 2018
          Hmm, have you tried double clicking on the image? Art on the site shows pretty large for me, and if I double click the image it opens it in what seems to be full size. Yes, the ear cropping, I suppose those huge rabbitesque ears could be problimatic in some professions, but they use cropping culturally to mark social caste as well. Women don't always crop, but men if they have the money to afford the procedure, typically do to a little longer than shoulder length. Some women in higher social classes do, too. Those in professions like the military cut and tape them, so they resemble the ears of an elf. Haha, bit of story dumping, but it is for something other than a simple astetic thing for them 😉
          • Oct 6, 2018
            Just tried looking at an image full sized, I think I may be seeing what you mean. If you click on an image from the main page, then click on the image in the view again it opens it up large. Sorry, it wasn't a double click 😀 Hope that helps you check out everyone's work a little easier!
            • Oct 7, 2018
              Hm. It still doesn't work for me. It starts to load then reloads with just "loading..." where the picture should be. Images load fine for me on other websites.

              It's okay if you don't have a solution for this.
  • Sep 29, 2018
    The anatomy here came out really well, even his tum feels dimensional. He looks a tad older than 11, but then again, I don't know how fast his people age, nor am I that great at telling people's age by looks! Great work~
    • Oct 5, 2018
      Thank you so much for the feedback Masked DragonNamed Lin! I worked from a back and white photo of a tween boy I found on pinterest, so the age may be questionable but like you said should fall within the range I was looking for. Took the clothing from all over the place, but found men in Figi wear something akin to the sarong called a sulu which was exactly what I was looking for. I learned a little bit more about the world working on this guy Smile