Posted Oct 5, 2018, 4:25:09 PM

Rushed in my last 2 days, despite my extremely deep love for my witch girl, bless her soul, for this bad boy!! Will make next entries in a similar type of quality so expect for that. Here's day 5's Chicken(dragon, monster, thing)!

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  • Oct 6, 2018
    This chicken is EPIC! Very interesting concept. I like how you silhouetted the back leg.
    • Oct 6, 2018
      Thanks!! My skill with more monstrous kinds is pretty decent so I thought "Why not make this chicken look monstrous?" and here's the result!

      It's my first, if not second or third, time ever doing that kind of shading and I'm glad you like it!!
  • Oct 8, 2018
    A chicken? And a dragon?... That's like a cockatrice. Big Smile Great design! I quite enjoy the detail of the head especially!