Masahiro of the Vir Inktober 6

Posted Oct 14, 2018, 1:11:06 AM
Masahiro of the Vir a few different ways. Trying to understand the character, his race, and expression a little more in depth, as well as keep on moving. I am resisting the urge to correct anything here, the lines are down and that is that. Also learning a bit about werewolves here, though by the strictest definition that is not what he is. His people are called 'sphinx' by the humans, describe themselves as 'grimalkin' when in feline-ish form, and give themselves the name of 'the people' when they wear any other face. They are one of two indigenous peoples on the continent. When Muidemi first finds him wounded and dying, she finds him as the lower right and calls him 'Cat' assuming him to be a mage created beast. He spends every minute of life with her for about four months before she finds a rather large man in her quarters, whoops! That isn't one of Masahiro's shining moments.

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