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Treasured Posession Inktober

Posted Oct 27, 2018, 1:32:28 AM
I can't recall if I've finally made it to the double digits or not for Inktober, but the month is quickly coming to an end... It has been one heck of a week, and with three nonstop days of working on the road I had to abandon my larger figure study I had begun last weekend for a tiny sketchbook my last manager gifted me from his desk clean out to go to run our Denver office. Anyway, I was looking for a different reference, one where Khybert carries home a toddler Muidemi after the destruction of her family's little hamlet, but found a picture of a father with a newborn who looked so similar to my Masahiro I had to use it. It was quite perfect for another scene, Muidemi has her first son at 19 and Masahiro finally shows up after a month. She wakes in the night to reach over and feed the baby, but he's gone. Near panic, Masahiro moves from the corner with the little prince they name Akutso. I can't imagine what must be going through his mind as he holds the tiny thing, his first living child. Some 20 years before he meets Muidemi Masahiro had had a family, but his wife died in childbirth along with twins boy and girl. Haha, mentioning years I never know how to classify Masahiro:) Chronologically the man is 62 here, but due to his people's slower development is only equivalent to a 31 year old human...

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