TDE - Liam

Posted Oct 27, 2018, 8:08:07 PM

I realized that I haven't posted here in a while. Whoops. I'll try better

As usual, I need multiple tries to get down a new character’s appearance. The last 2 weren’t really what I had in mind and I couldn’t get it down before. I think I finally managed to draw something that will work.

Yes, he has some beard fuzz. he’s a half elf, so it’s allowed. Also, I like beards. And long hair on men. I think that much is obvious by now xD

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  • Nov 5, 2018
    Ooh, I love his green eyes...I have a thing for men with green eyes too Wink Too funny you mention elf and beard, I actually have my elves able to grow facial hair. I have another race that cannot, however. No chest hair, nothing as a 'man', despite being a big shapeshifting feline-ish beastie lol. I guess that is the nice thing about those fantasy rules, you can bend them and have beautiful green eyes as a bonus lol Smile Nice character portrait and thank you for sharing design thought process!