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Dancing Lesson with the Omadal

Posted Nov 1, 2018, 2:01:35 AM
Okay, last chance to squeeze one more thing in for Inktober! I hope everyone is having a fun Halloween :) Did this as quickly as I could, I think it gets me to 13 in total for the month not too bad given I have a day job. Figure study again, Sibira teaching Muidemi a gentler way to handle his summon creatures if there was ever a situation with one. Without a master hurling orders at them with tight reins they can be very dangerous. Needless to say, occupational hazard has caused a steep decline in the number of those practicing the summoning arts by the time my story takes place in my universe. This scene takes place within my story, so some time in to my graphic novel when I get there they will be in a similar training but clothed, armored, etc. This is essentially the 2nd stage in Muidemi's life, adjusting to this new man and developing a new nation, in her 30's.

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