Meeting Masahiro pg 1 test

Posted Nov 5, 2018, 3:06:19 AM

Okay, so no big deal for most people, but I have a page!!! I am overjoyed right now. Sloppy I'm sure, and btw Photoshop is horrid for font, but hey my fist page EVER! I couldn't be happier. After Inktober I though what the hey, I just need to jump in.Don't really know where I'm starting, but since I wrote out how Muidemi finds Masahiro figured that is as good a place as any.  Please let me know what you see here, I will get better as I go but I need to grow in the process.  Thank you Paperdemon community for giving me the courage to finally get going!

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  • Nov 12, 2018
    Way to go finginma. This is a huge accomplishment! Everything you need to complete this comic is already within you.

    What emotion is it that you want us to feel?
    • Nov 12, 2018
      Thank you for taking a look, Bogus Red! I will likely play with the layout and rework that sound when I get page 2 together, but without more than one page it isn't much. There is a already great deal going on with the story at this point, but that comes out later. My main character, 17 here, is impersonating a man in a foreign nation at war, leading a rebel army during a civil conflict. That in and of itself requires back story that you get along the way. She wanders from her encampment at night to pray and meditate, as she is a religious leader. She hears a sound that disturbs her, and so there is some anticipation here (hooefully) of what happens next. Page 2 she stands in front of the treeline before stepping forward and hearing a sound similar to the first, confirming something is there. There is a wail, and she dives to a crouch to hug the ground. Short monologue about something being amiss and making her decision to act for better or worse, then page 3. This all leads up to her meeting the enormous cat who turns out to be Masahiro of the Vir, introducing her to a whole unseen side to the conflict she committed herself to four years earlier, exposing her naivete about the world and her limited knowledge.