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Vintage Frogwoman Study 1

Posted Nov 29, 2018, 9:58:33 PM

Okay gang one of the biggest loves I had as a teenage male without any girlfriends was piping and Frogwomen.  I LOVED, I MEAN LOVED Frogwomen.  They were in most of the Bond Movies, they were drop dead gorgeous, deadly, powerful women, and they looked SO HOT in those vintage wetsuits with the double-hosed regulators.  Needless to say the first time I presented such a piece to my art teacher he ripped it up and I got sent to the principals - to this day I STILL have no clue.  In my teenage mind it didn't look like porn and frankly I was a kid, I didn't honestly know that much about porn.  Most of my study was done on heavy stock sketchbook paper and using Prismacolour coloured pencils.  She is standing near the shore and I think I intended her to have finished her dive.

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