Amazon Warrior Study 2

Posted Nov 29, 2018, 11:04:41 PM

One of my many "decently drawn and coloured" Amazon women.  I am having her pray to Hera before the battle, to grant her an honourable fight, and if death is meant to be, then to go to the Elysian Fields to join her fallen sisters.

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  • Dec 8, 2018
    Cool pose. she looks fierce.
    • Dec 17, 2018
      Thanks BogusRed, glad you like her. definitely an earlier piece, as I'm really pushing a L O T of work on DA in 3D. Be well and take care Smile
    • Aug 17, 2019
      Thanks Bogus, this is actually - and in my honest opinion the best of my earlier and pre-3D pieces. Think it took me a week, but loved when I finally finished the penciling part and could do the actually colouring part.

      Funny thing. I was getting my art supplies organized and was looking through a bunch of sketch books I had bought. Looking inside I saw I had a ton of new work, I had not completed - go figure.