2008: Seasonal Guardians

Posted Mar 12, 2019, 4:58:17 AM

The tale behind this artwork:
"The sunset is approaching as the Guardians of the Seasonal Winds make their way across the vast fields of the land of three goddesses, towards the destination of the Royal castle, visible in the far distance.

The siblings Sha, Michael, and Robert Amaranth have been sent by their leader, Doctor Belle; whom has received a letter for the Celestial Mansion, that was being held at the postal office for over a few hundred years; requesting alliance against opposing countries.

The letter was sent out after the fall of the Seasonal Guardians, when the Celestial Mansion disappeared into legend; when the threats against their country was still a cold war...

After many years though, the land never received a response from the Seasonal Guardians; and were forced to face their enemies alone, as the war raged on.

When the King sees the three, he is happy that the Seasonal Guardians have finally come back... but is in disbelief that these three youths are the only forces protecting the Celestial Mansion, and the Wood Islands..."

Characters, World and Story © Celestial Time Miracles

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