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-Guilty Gear: May-

Posted Dec 15, 2005, 3:27:05 AM

Ok, so I got inspired to do some GGX2 fanart after me and 2 other friends entered the GGX2 tournement held at our Uni; all I can say is, for my first time playing the game, it was freakin great fun! Lol and you don't know how many times we all got frustrated at so many people picking Ky, Sol and Chip Xx I felt like killing them all <.<

So yeah, I attempted to use Jam on my first go and decided never again >.> I found May much easier to use believe it or not, and for a small person she doesn't half have a lot of strength to carry that anchor 0.0 I'm assuming she's meant to be older than she looks, so don't ruin that thought for me by saying "Oh she's just a lil' girl!" XD

Um...yeah so it was supposed to be a toss up between Jam, Dizzy and May...since Dizzy might be drawn by :iconBlack-Ravyn: at some point I opted for May...Just so I could draw that huge ass anchor I love XD

Anyway yeah, spent alot of time on this so C&C


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