2009: Rose Ocarina

Posted Apr 2, 2019, 2:16:11 AM

"I made this Rose Ocarina..." the half elf spoke softly, and smiled upon the young girl's interested expression, as Bartholomew thought to himself, '...for you.'

A blue ocarina with a delicately placed green leaf, bound by the top with a silver band and a beautiful red rose - made all for friendship (and young love), by Bartholomew for his dear friend, Sha, whom has taken note how the Rose Ocarina seems to be perfectly made for her, as she favours the colours, the metal silver and the rose. Bartholomew, bashful, responds that this was just how he happened to imagine an ocarina played by her, and smiles with a blush, pretending he had no idea (and half hoping she remembers that a red rose speaks of passionate love, which is kept secret in their hearts). Sha smiles shyly, as she thanks Bartholomew and kisses the boy's cheek as she then turns to hold up the Rose Ocarina in the pale moonlight while Bartholomew watches with a hidden smile, hoping his message is revealed to her with silence. ♥

Characters, World and Story © Celestial Time Miracles

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