Posted May 23, 2019, 2:29:26 AM

Finally back to posting art of my own dragons on here :) This is my boy Zruimec, who has gone under a big design change. Most prominantly, he's an amphithere now, instead of a dreki (Amphithere: snake like body with wings. Dreki: "Western"/"classic" dragon, 4 legs and wings). The dreki build was incompatible with the terrain/environment his ethnicity came from, and besides that it was super awkward. The rediculous colors have lso been toned down, he looks more like an actul baby now. I think he looks dramatically better this way, and it adds much needed diversity to my dragons. A couple of my other kids have also recieved redesigns, which further helps that goal, or at least makes them look better.

As to what's going on, he's hanging out on one of the fences the kids scrapped together. Whoever is watching him likely has another baby with and wanted to put him somewhere he won't wander off as they do something else. The small boy has grip fingers on his wings, so he can chill securely like that for a good bit of time.

Art and characters belong to me.

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