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Posted Jun 5, 2019, 6:27:50 AM

One wouldn't know it by looking at any of my art sites, but I actually really enjoy those artsy character memes. This is based off of a D&D character alignment chart, which certainly is different, but I like it in a similar fashion. This has all of the main group that my story Nest of Hearts will follow, a total of 16, placed by how strongly they embody the specific axes. I modified the 3x3 chart in a couple ways to better fit my OCs, firstly by making it a 4x4. Since there are an even amount of slots, it doesn't allow for a true neutral spot, which I enjoy- as people, none of us are completely neutral about anything, even if our stances are but slightly nuanced, and this chart helps show this. 

The second thing I changed was the "Good/Evil" axis- it doesn't really have a place in a lot of stories, mostly hailing from fantasy tales (like D&D) where villains tend to be flat and there just to give characters someone to fight against without moral conflict, and similar to flat villains, it doesn't actually describe much besides how an audience is intended to feel about them, honestly. In place of "Good," I have "Empathetic," which is self-explanatory. For "Evil," I replaced it with "Centralized," which is less so. While a dictionary would disgree with my use of the word, as it not being much to describe personal traits, I'm using it in lieu of a better word, here describing an individual's keen awareness of their state of being as well as their tendency to pay greater attention to how they feel over others. Similar to "Chaotic," it can easily be seen as a bad trait, but it can be interpreted as self-mastery as well, to show that it has its benifits like any of the other sides.

As far as the visual aspects of this, it is slightly out of date. I've been doing a ton of character changes, from redesigns to renamings, so it makes it tedious to keep little things up to date, but that's fine. I may revisit this to update it once the dust has settled. Either way, its still useful enough to keep track of my characters, and its nice to have them all in one piece.

Art and characters belong to me~

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