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Posted Jun 16, 2019, 4:14:52 AM

Fun fact, my vent art tends to take one of two directions, very strange or very bloody (with little to no intermingling). I've posted a couple vents before that were strange, so naturally a bloody one would come up eventually! This was made last year due to a person showing up on a bad day. I made this to blow steam, and it was unusually effective. Plus, it was a good chance to work on blook spattering and running, subjects that don't usually come up in my very fuzzy warm usual of art. It's still is satisfying to look at, painterly pieces are fun.

Art and Ikadi (khat) belong to me~

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  • Jun 23, 2019
    I love the way you created the textures on his skin with the lighter reds, and the detail in the runnels of blood. His teeth feel very 3D and Sharp, which I Know is difficult, so serious kudos!
    For some reason I feel like the shadows on the rest of the body don't clearly define it's overall shape. I don't know if that makes sense? Like maybe they aren't dark enough? I could be wrong too, just a subjective impression.
    I Love the ferocity, you can definitely feel the emotion in this piece. I find myself wondering how many he tore through before repeating "Leave" to who ever was left. ^_^
    • Jul 25, 2019
      Sorry for the late reply, life has been crazy and I haven't been on here for ages it feels like!

      Datailing is hands down my favorite part of art, usually going hand-in-hand with lighting, so scales usually get at least a little attention haha! One of my friends often critiques my art, and he's huge on good lighting and I've ended putting more focus on because of that funnily enough, not that I mind! Blood isn't my usual though, so I'm glad it came out well- I was paying close attention to how thick it came out, so it didn't feel like dye or colored water.

      Teeth are looots of fun, good teeth help expressions a ton <3 Plus they were the focus of the entire piece, so having them come out well was #1. The shading was part of an effect I was trying to catch- if you pay attention, you can see everything (stripes, details, line art...) gets blurrier the farther back it is. I put the effect pretty heavily to leave the clearest, most focused aspect in the picture being the teeth and dripping blood. The body was detailed and shaded less strongly as to not deter the eyes from that center, but you are right that it was not shaded as clearly, good eye Smile

      Ikadi is great for intense pieces, her rich red scales makes her stand out easily and she has these pale blue eyes that make for a great contrast. I'm not too sure what the in-world story would be behind this, she hasn't fought people often (besides within the non-lethal arena) since she was much smaller- obviously that is not to say that she isn't capable! Ikadi has actually gone through a complete design overhaul since this was made, but I still find myself enjoying this piece tremendously for how the intended emotion was caught so precisely!
      • Jul 28, 2019
        Good to know (about intended effect)!

        Also, haaaiii! Good crazy or bad crazy? Nice to see you here again!

        You gonna do the NoobMeVsNowMe challenge? How about Smaugust? (Soooo excited about that, personally!!)
        • Jul 31, 2019
          I’ve been doing similar things in more recent art of mine, stuff I made after this point, but none so strongly as it is here. The backgrounds will have softer lines to catch the feeling of growing distance, and to draw the eye to the foreground.

          Haha, hello! I’d like to say a little of both, but more honestly it’s been mostly the bad kind. It’s good to be here again, I enjoy PD Smile

          I’m considering joining NoobmeVsNowme, but I wouldn’t have time to finish the current piece I have that I’m doing and revamp a new one by the time this week is out, plus I’m still pursuing the ever elusive goal of getting caught up on art on this site, woops.

          Every month is Smaugust for me lol! I rarely draw anything that doesn’t have a dragon in it, it’s just what interests me. I like the concept of posting something every day, but I like to work on full pieces when I have motivation, they make me a lot happier than sketches. If I end up in an artistic rut though, I certainly would consider doing some sketches to get my ideas moving again.