Dragon in Flight

Posted Jun 23, 2019, 6:22:40 PM

Just practicing loose, non-perfectionist sketching on my computer.  I'm still not as comfortable drawing on my computer with a stylus, as on a sketch pad with a real pencil.

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  • Jul 25, 2019
    The flow of its posture came out well, and I can totally get what you mean about sketching digitally vs traditionally. Most of my work starts as a sketch on scratch paper, then I take a photo and then refine and finish it digitally.
    • Jul 28, 2019
      I'm finding I prefer this method as well. There just isn't enough resistance from the stylus on the screen, compared to drawing with pencil and paper. My strokes end up, off. Things don't feel as fluid and natural.
      I'm still forcing myself to do some sketching strait to computer, just for the experience, but I don't prefer it.
      • Jul 31, 2019
        Do you use a phone, touch screen, or cintique?
        • Aug 1, 2019
          Microsoft Surface Book 1. So sort of tablet/laptop with touchscreen, since it's got a second processor it draws from when the screem is attached to the keyboard.
          • Aug 4, 2019
            That’s interesting, I can definitely relate to why the smoothness bothers you, I started out on a touch screen. It’s part of why I prefer an art tablet, you can put paper over the surface to help the texture. Hand to eye coordination helps with those, it takes a little adjustment to get used to not touching the pen to where the line is being made.
            • Aug 6, 2019
              I hadn't considered that an art tablet's texture was better. I tried for a little while to use one. But, that problem of having to look up at the screen, instead of where you're actually drawing, was just too awkward for me.
              I'm slowly getting better at drawing on the slick screen. ^_^




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