She is...

Posted Dec 16, 2005, 10:38:56 PM

This I did last night in the dark when I couldn't go to bed.  This morning I looked at it, and thought it looked nice, so I decided to touch it up.  I absolutely love how this came out.  I feel it is my best work so far. 

The title comes from the fact that everytime I looked at her, I felt I had seen this girl somewhere before, but I just can't pin point where. 


~~Edit  I just got my new scanner!! So now I dont have crappy looking pics and you can really see more of the detail!! :bounce: :grin:

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  • Dec 16, 2005
    Oh wow!! omg you have been improving I see....this is a major jump! You have great shading...I see that has well as your realisim! Nice job hun! Smile *hugs*
    • Dec 16, 2005
      Awww!! Thank you hun!! That means so much to me!! Thank you for the comments!!

      Love you!!




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