Posted Jul 12, 2019, 3:03:04 PM
A quick study of a scene from the early portion of the second half of Matriarch, as I channel Vincentianni in preparation for chapter 2's upcoming kick off. Muidemi and Vincentianni, having been partners at the start of the story, marry men in time, separate post war, then come back together. Vin realizes she loves Muidemi deeply, but only following her leaving the companionship. She comes into Muid's service, elated, only to find there is a new man replacing her first husband following his death and Muidemi is heavily pregnant, hence the need for the skilled physician she had had in Vin during the war. Vincentianni collapses unexpectedly upon Muidemi as she confesses her love for the woman she only thought of as a passing 'thing' when they were younger. My little contribution to the world of bisexuality in literature, as Muid and Vin do spend the rest of their lives together following their reunion 😊

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