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Some People

Posted Jul 26, 2019, 8:24:43 PM
A big problem I've had with watercolor for a while is how I handle backgrounds- I never planned it out right, maybe from being lazy, but it hurt the quality of the pieces, so I liked doing them less. I also felt weird about how I'd line in pen, it clashed. I tackled that in this piece, and i deeply enjoy the results. These two are Koteyg (yellow) and Thamiiu (brown), with the first likely listening to the second complain about someone she encountered at the market. I like how Koteyg's design carries over into watercolor, and I played with Thamiiu's design, so it stands out more while also showing family resemblance to her brother. Like many of her ethnicity, she often emits smoke from tbe nose and mouth when agitated, or even a faint glow from her throat. Her friend is used to this by now and only gets alarmed when she starts baring her teeth at tbe same time.Art and characters belong to me.

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  • Jul 28, 2019
    I think the background came out fantastic!
    I like Koteyg's crest, especially.
    • Jul 31, 2019
      I do too, thanks! It isn’t complicated but it has form, it works well.

      This is the second piece I made using his new design, and I am very glad I spent the time to redesign him! Before he was an obnoxious chartreuse kind of color, and it didn’t look good nor did it make sense with where his ethnicity came from. His crest is one of the things that changed actually, I added the reddish color and now it follows the whole length of his body and tail.