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Posted Aug 7, 2019, 2:51:51 AM
These three, from left to right, are Darion, Afrel, and Lorrai. My aim with this was to see what I could do about background canopies and about making the forest floor more dynamic. I've noticed that my pieces fail to capture that glow of light passing through the leaves, and while I think I went in the right direction, I'm not entirely sure how I feel about my attempt to replicate that. However, I feel much better about the leveling of the dirt- forest ground isn't flat, roots hold the dirt directly beneath it in place as unconnected dirt erodes away in seasonal rains, so hills and divots happen. The middle area is flat because the kids did such intentionally, but the surroundings of the spot have a more organic feel. There's some quality of this picture that feels right, it reminds me of those warm times spent with close friends casually, the kind where there are many like it but it still makes you feel warm in some quiet part of you. These dorks are probably listening to Darion telling them about something he did at lessons or with some other friend- gauging from Afrel's laughter and Lorrai's exaseration, its probably about something reckless or dumb- as they study or finish homework. This spot is one of a few that are around the home archipelago for that exact purpose, this one meant solely for summer-time use (being a divot in the earth, it very much floods as soon as it rains, and in the middle of winter that table can end up mostly under snow, haha).Art and characters belong to me

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