Blue Heron Boy

Posted Dec 17, 2005, 3:37:40 AM
Behold, I give you stress relief: Lucifer as a worker at the Blue Heron, a club exclusively for women. He's stripping. Or something. But he's still mostly dressed. God, I need sleep. Four hours and lots of caffeine does not bode well.

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  • Dec 26, 2005
    That's do great! *drools* I so admire your anime drawing and your drawing skills in general.Love his pose and the way his head is turned. I'll be looking forward to see it finished. Awesome job. Yes
    Psst! Mind if I take him home?Grin
    "I may not live in a perfect world but I can create it on paper. "
    • Dec 27, 2005
      lol, you are more than welcome to take him home. Well, he'd probably take you back to his room in the Heron and ravish you until dawn.... lol. His head turning makes his hair go swoof.Laughing

      ...and this just because I want to: ROFL
      • Dec 28, 2005
        I wouldn't mind that... Mmm Yummy Anywhoo I think he turned out great. You really have a way with your characters' movement. It's just so flowing! BTW, I think I had seen a book called Blue Heron. Any connection?
        "I may not live in a perfect world but I can create one on paper. "
        • Dec 28, 2005
          No, none at all. The Blue Heron book is by Avi (my least favorite author, lol), and is about some girl's father and step-mother and how they're at each other's throats. Definitely a difference, lol.
          • Dec 29, 2005
            I hate that kind of books. Sounds like a sucky soap opera. lol.