Posted Aug 15, 2019, 7:43:30 PM

     I wanted to make something with some rain, since summer is hot and I wish it were this kind of weather here. I'm finding I enjoy how the lighting comes out in rainy pieces, I really should do more pieces in the weather~

     The older kids on the island, as some of you may know, are responsible for most of the hunting on the home archipelago, supporting most of the younger ones who can't support themselves. The krasenen (dragon youths) are supposed to go everywhere with a partner, in case something happens and one of them needs to go get help or they encounter another predator. This is no different during hunting sessions, as it also usually makes it easier to catch things. Typically, Lorrai partners with Hyūra and Afrel partners with Darion, but they occasionally switch things up, as seen here. Maybe they went to the slopes because they weren't finding anything in the forest, or maybe they thought green wasn't one of the colors mountain sheep can see buuut... they probably wouldn't be chasing this ewe so far if they'd known better haha. Either way, this likely is about to be a successful catch!

Afrel, Lorrai, and art belong to me

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