Suisei Jinmenken

Posted Aug 19, 2019, 8:11:19 PM UTC

So, you can probably tell that these guys aren't true "jinmenkens" being as they're not canines, though they're called that because they're caniformes. The name was derived from the internet slang for seals and sea lions which is "sea doggo" (sea dog). The name Suisei Jinmenken (水性人面犬) literally means "human dog of the sea" while true jinmenkens are called land jinmenkens or Tochi Jinmenkens (土地人面犬) which means "human dog of earth". They're based on true seals and so have no external ears other than ear holes, kind of like a bird or an echidna in a way, so far no sea lion variant exists yet. I planned a walrus variant, but I wasn't sure how I'd get giant canine teeth to work on a species with a humanoid face so until I get that down, I'll be sticking with traditional walruses.

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