Miriam-chan meets Sha

Posted Aug 30, 2019, 12:43:49 AM

So, since my friend Miriam correctly guessed the video game references found in Magicus Quest: Adventure to...  {which was so long ago that Seasonal Wanderers was still known as MQ}, she got a free art request! And she requested I draw her self-insert OC with mine, so here is Miriam Holliman from Miriam-chan's Delight, with Sha Amaranth from Seasonal Wanderers. 

Both of our characters are sixteen at the beginning of their respective series. Miriam-chan is Japanese-American, and Sha is Irish, Danish and Native American, just to throw fun trivial facts out there for fun about our avatars. :3 

Also, like us in real life, Miriam-chan is taller than Sha, tehe. =P

You can read Miriam-chan's Delight on Blogspot here: miriamchansdelight.blogspot.co… 

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  • Sep 1, 2019
    Super cute! I like what you did for the background, that was a good choice.




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