NiGHTS and Puffy - WIP

Posted Dec 18, 2005, 1:02:25 AM
I'd really like some constructive crit on this one before I (eventually) ink and colour.

The two characters are NiGHTS (closest) and Puffy, from the SEGA Saturn game NiGHTS into Dreams. I should point out that NiGHTS is very areobatic, in the game you control him as he flies through dreams. This is from one of the "boss" sections, which take place in a nightmare :)

Hmm, not sure what else to mention XD

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  • Dec 17, 2005
    Hmm I can see that this is intended to be an aerobatic character like you said but I think he's too flexible. Where the legs are attatched at his hips are bent back way to much. I'm not familiar with the character, but I'm not understanding the shapes where his shins/calfs are. They sort of look like his feet but. Hmm. The shapes just get really confusing there.

    I think the hand you've got in the forground and the other hand too are looking pretty good. It's just the legs that I think need work.

    One minor thing is you've got what's called a "tangent" where the round shape of his foot/leg is touching a line that's part of the wall design. This makes the picture plane flatten out. You've almost got a tangent on the other foot too.

    Other than that, just keep going.
    • Dec 29, 2005
      Thanks for pointing out :3 I'm going to start inking now Big Smile

      I can understand the confusion, guess I should have posted a ref link..xD here's what he looks like in some of the official art