Kirby + Shrek: Swamp Encounter

Posted Oct 13, 2019, 5:14:50 AM

Here is a crossover I did between the Kirby anime and Shrek for a contest on DeviantArt!

I had first intended to add Fiona and Fumu, but I was short in time, I really wanted to make a good entry and I was tired to sketch and line. :XD:

It took me too many hours to draw this, and I am very proud of it! I am happy the light effects worked so well, and I also really like the lineart, it looks so clean!

Here is the (not so) little story that accompanies this drawing:

King Dedede wants to put down Kirby, as always, but after considering the monster in his catalog, he suddenly realizes that he had always tried to defeat the child using a demon beast, and that it never worked. He is starting to be dangerously in debt, and he will have to make the whole kingdom die of hunger to pay it back.

The soul full of despair, he vents to NME Salesman, and the latter, understanding, suggests him to send Kirby through a portal that will carry him away from Pop Star. He will not be a "threat" anymore. The King asks for a "very deadly portal", full of "ugly creatures" and dangers, for which the salesman obeys. He gets a strange neon blue cube. He must throw it on Kirby, and he will be warped away for good.

When the King comes to malevolently say hi to the puffball, he surprises him talking to Meta Knight. Angry his servant "betrayed" him by talking to his "worst nemesis", he tries to smash them both with his hammer, but the cube drops out of his pocket, opening and warping them three in a strange world...

When they are finally able to see something different than blue waves of light, they realize they landed in a forest. In front of them, there is a swamp and a wooden house. Kirby cheerfully says "poyo!", running towards it, while Meta Knight vainly tries to retain him.

It is a big green humanoid creature that opens the door, seemingly annoyed someone knocked at his peaceful door. The meeting is first suspicious, but the little pink creature quickly charms both the equine, named Donkey, and the ogre, named Shrek. When Shrek presents them the territory, he declares their feline friend, Puss in Boots, was about to come and visit, while Fiona, his princess wife, had left to pick some mushrooms. 

Donkey quickly befriends Kirby, while King Dedede is creeped out by Shrek's gastronomic tastes. Meta Knight quickly appreciates Puss in Boots' attitude and talent with his sword and invites him to make some friendly duels.

They have no idea how they will leave this place, but for now, they have made new friends.

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  • Oct 16, 2019
    Interesting combo! Shrek's house turned out really good. Good for you for putting in a background. too many people skip this.
    • Oct 17, 2019
      Thank you so much! This comment means a lot to me!
      And yes I worked very hard on the background! Bounce