Cute Meta Knight x Magolor

Posted Oct 13, 2019, 5:52:41 AM

I am so proud of this picture! I am happy with the light effects and the details given to the different elements, like the texture for clothes and fur!

Also I really support the two being in love... ask me why.

(I like it because they are both intellectuals, enjoy reading and learning. I also headcanon that Meta Knight doubts Magolor's promise to be "a good person", but that maybe he would hide his feelings for Magolor? Magolor would of course be a great admirer of Meta Knight (who isn't, after all?) and maybe he could be like a fanboy of him? Then he would realize he loves him... hehe. How they end up together? I still need to figure it out.)

Also the ship's name is Metalor : Meta (Knight) + (Mago) lor.

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