Posted Oct 14, 2019, 7:23:21 PM UTC

I've done this a few times in the past but I decided to once again revisit my interpretation of Sonic. I think I'm actually happy with it.
I'd be interested in seeing your interpretations of Sonic characters too. It's fun to see these candy colored critters portrayed in different ways. 
Attitude filled flawed hero Sonic > sappy power of friendship Sonic

Sonic the Hedgehog
Age: 15
Gender: male
Sexuality: fast
-similar to Fleetway Sonic in personality, he's an impatient, sarcastic, short tempered, punk ass jerk that has a difficult time showing that he cares about his friends and can be immature at times, genuinely does care for his buddies and values freedom and friendship more than he'll admit but he's still an arrogant, rude, vain punk
-strong sense of morals and of self, knows who he is and what he's about
-not detail oriented
-asexual and aromantic but loves to annoy his friend Sally Acorn with playful teasing
-very impatient
-hates riding in cars("Can't this tin can go faster??" "Sonic, I'm doing 70." "FASTER."
-not book smart but pretty street smart
-cocky and even a bit narcissistic at times
-takes orders from no one, resents authority, especially when they use their power to hurt others
-likes noise punk, punk rock, ska punk, alt rock and street punk
-proportioned similarly to SatAM/AoStH Sonic
-spikes are in the SatAM/AoStH mohawk-esque style with smaller spines a la Boom
-nick in left ear
-ears point outwards slightly like the American Genesis boxart
-lots of piercings, two rings in left eyebrow, two rings and a stud in left ear, a ring and a stud in right ear, nose ring, only wears gold rings
-band-aid on snout and checkered bandana
-blue arms
-plays lead guitar in his band with his friends Mach the Rabbit, Sharps the Parakeet and Max the Monkey, band is called Sonic and the Speed of Sound

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