Dare (BNHA)

Posted Oct 15, 2019, 12:05:22 AM

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Dare and her demons

Bnha fancharacter 

Bnha self insert because I’m lame
(Not sure about name yet so I’m calling her Dare for now)
She has demonic powers (she can’t create demon Forms though she doesn’t have full control of her power) her “father” sold her to villains at a young age (he sold her because 1: she wasn’t really his 2: he is a Christian and demonic stuff is a no no) she was forced to wear shock collar (that’s why her neck is burnt)
She was finally save do due to the villains slipping up and a hero broke her collar without knowing what it was
She takes pills if she uses too much of her power (they help her mental health which her powers drain/mess with)

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