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Posted Oct 22, 2019, 11:38:13 PM

Your sensei can't stop staring at that weird egg looking dude.

Anyway these are my One Punch Man ocs (They're not that cool looking but I love them ; w ; ) (and yes I know I make a lot of my characters have demonic powers I can't help it demons are cool bro) (Also don't hate me for making more fancharacters for anime okay? I think it's hella cool to do it)

(I'm bad at describing my ocs so if you have any questions leave a comment or note me lol)

(Left) Everly is around 21 years of age, she's just a woman who just wants to watch her Japanese soap opera's in peace but monsters/bad guys usually appear when her show gets to the climax, she loves darker things but she does have a soft spot (though few ever see it). 

(Right) Jazzy (Jasmine) is 18 years old, she crashes at Everly's house due to being kicked out of her family's home *for reasons unknown*, she's a bubbly cute girl but she does have her sassy side. Jazzy just wants to learn how to be a tough cookie and beat up bad guys. 

(no I haven't figured out what their ranking is but I'd probably say both a B maybe? But I'm not sure at the moment)

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