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I Was A Weed In The Garden

Posted Nov 6, 2019, 8:38:14 PM

This is a character for Hazbin Hotel (Please do not comment any hate if you do not like the show/creator.)(I do not agree with her actions but I still like the show, I am separating the art from the artist) 

Name: Crystal

(Warning her backstory has dark matters in it so please read with caution)

Backstory: Crystal was once a house wife to her partner, a tired overworked house wife. She loved them very much but her partner was very cruel, in the matter of not allowing her to get checked for mental illnesses (which she had a few), her partner did not believe mental illnesses were real and told her to put faith in the lord instead. One day she snapped and killed her partner in a blind mental rage. She then proceed to kill herself though that's an act she deeply regrets in hell. 

Again please do not leave any hateful comments thank you.

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