New Beginnings

Posted Nov 12, 2019, 10:11:39 PM

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  • Feb 2, 2020
    Nice coloring on the hair, and that's a sweet smile. Smile
    Is that a leaf or a feather behind their ear?
  • Nov 20, 2019
    Welcome back Indigo, its good to see you around again! I like the texture of her hair in this, it feels thick and full of pretty locks, and how you showed the variation of color in her eyes.
  • Nov 13, 2019
    Hello Indigo Dusk. It's wonderful to see you.

    I see an improvement in your art. The skin tones came out really well.

    Creating a series of works is a nice challenge and will help you further your abilities. Good luck.
    • Nov 15, 2019
      Thank you! It's lovely to be back to being creative, been in a bit of a slump for awhile. I'm glad you noticed improvement, I've been trying to pay more attention to shading and light direction as that's been a big weak area for me in the past. I'll continue to work on it and other weak points as I progress.
      • Nov 19, 2019
        You got this Indigo-Dusk! Our community is here to support you.
        By the way, we haven't had any drama in our discord since that one incident a year ago. Just wanted to let you know things are pretty safe there if you'd ever like to pop back in. Everyone's pretty friendly.