Making Mischeif

Posted Apr 5, 2020, 3:45:01 AM
Hawkmoth and Mayura from Miraculous ladybug. I've been really getting into these two and their dynamic since Mayura's debut in Season 2, but after Time tagger, it REALLY put and interesting kick on what may become of these two in the near or distant future >:D Intrigue!!!   I love the dynamic, and that they have a beautiful mysterious air to them together. Excellent designs ^^ I went for Mayura's concept art as I felt it fit the narative of this picture better than the shorter one in the show :)    Media- Polychromos pencils

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  • Apr 9, 2020
    Absolutely lovely! I always have loved colored pencils and pastels and the like, and you command them so beautifully.
    • May 2, 2020
      Thank you- I miss the medium. I'm forcing myself to use digital media and it's a pretty big chore :/ Traditional is where I'd rather be TuT
      • Jun 2, 2020
        There have been thankfully huge leaps in digital media. Clip Studio Paint has really come a long way, among others. I'm finding a lot of brushes there that really feel like it does to paint traditionally, so I'm trying to learn again, better than I used to! Smile
        • Jul 6, 2020
          Hah- I used Manga studio 1. The program was a nightmare, but it was all I had for screen tone. Clipstudio paint is a friggin DREAM XD
          • Jul 7, 2020
            Right?! I remember when it was even more primitive, waaaay back in the days when it all started. And that was it! We either had that as an option, or scanned screentones, or heaven forfend actual real-life physical screentone! Which, let me just say for the benefit of anyone who didn't have the experience, were a nightmare! Clip Studio is like a luxury limousine by comparison.
            • Jul 8, 2020
              That and it wasn't fully native. You picked a resolution to screen tone at and that was you perma-locked for the rest of the picture. No resizing the screen tone resolution. To add text I had to use illustrator, then import back, but if I didn't import right it imported as a mid tone grey. Then I had to make sure the printer didn't resize it or attack of moire. And Mangastudio 1 you needed to manually tell it hey I'm using a new tone and that took me ages to figure out. It wasn't intuitive. Clipstudio it's all native so it resizes on the go and, you have easy vector tools for text and panels, and text auto centers and remembers previous settings etc... so good. Makes the process so easy <3