Honey Ref Sheet

Posted May 1, 2020, 1:05:42 AM

This is my fursona, Honey. I drew this back in 2017. I just thought I would post this here. She is only of my main characters that you will see from me from time to time. :3

She is a jackolpe malayan weasel hybird thing. Her ears are mainly like an English Lops but you can draw them however you'd like since her ears help her show emotion. 

Her antlers/horns can be pretty much any size or shape but what is picutred is the most common.

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  • May 1, 2020
    Eye Don't mind me!
  • Jun 12, 2020
    I'm gonna die she's so so cute;;;;;; 💛
    • Jun 17, 2020
      Nooo dying! I'm glad that you like her though!
      • Jun 21, 2020
        Yes dying she's worth it!!!! I love;;;;;;;
        My pleasure!!




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