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~ This isn't a BNHA oc she's just a hero part time + She was an oc that I just redesigned ~

Name: Nova
Age: 14
Sexuality: Pan
Gender: Female 
Parents: Two Gay Fbi Agents *names unknown at the moment* 
Other Info: She has a huge birthmark on the left side on her face
Personality: She's not the brightest star in the sky but she's probably the sweetest person you can meet, kindhearted, Though she can sometimes be emotional she usually forgets why she was mad/sad/etc the next day
Hero Name: Cosmos 
Power: Gravity Manipulation: she can cause someone to be so heavy that they can not longer move
She can completely alter someone's center of gravity
She generate miniature black holes to compress objects into oblivion

Backstory/more details: Nova's real parents are unknown to everyone, her dna does not match anyone in the records. She was also found on the porch of a lovely couple and they just adopted her since her parents are unknown. Pretty soon her new parents discovered she had powers and tried their best to keep that hush hush to everyone. So at night she "pretends" to be the hero Cosmos 

*more info will probably be added but I'm not sure*

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