City of the Lost Songs

Posted May 30, 2020, 3:21:39 AM

Prompt #1 - The Borealis Enclave

The Borealis Enclave is a massive city tucked in an underwater gorge that stretches for miles across the sea floor. The city is lit with beautiful teal and gold light from bioluminescent corals that are attracted to the warmth of the merpeoplesโ€™ homes and structures. There is one main thoroughfare through the city that is often packed with merpeople swimming or riding sea creatures. Draw or write your character in The Borealis Enclave. Your piece must feature an ocean, your registered character, and an underwater city.


Welp, I've tried to do a good underwater scene. This art slump is not helping me, but I think I've got enough to count here. 


Characters features:

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