Gothic girl

Posted Dec 27, 2005, 7:51:48 PM
This is just some random goth i drew in school... hope you people like it!

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  • Dec 28, 2005
    Well, here I go... the face is way off... x___X The eyes, nose and month might need to be more over on the left. Is she on her side? Or facing forward? I really like the outfit! It's cute. xD the neck seems a little too tiny... xD But that's about it. I just love that OUTFIT!! xD
    • Dec 28, 2005
      ok thanks Sweat Drop I shall take that on board my ship of rock! (lol sorry for the randomness) Laughing Hmmm the chin is off too...
      • Dec 29, 2005
        Lol, It looks great overall! =] I know you! LOL! Ok.... =] Yep, Is me HoroXRen... xD How'd you get that outfit? It's lovely! I want it..... =]
        • Dec 30, 2005
          hehe! The outfit came from the back of my mind. ^_^ I glad you like her outfit