Christmas Ichigo

Posted Dec 27, 2005, 7:59:17 PM
Ichigo momomiya. Not much to say

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  • Dec 27, 2005
    Nice job on this! I like the colors you used and what anime is this from it looks familiar to me but I can't put my finger on it.
    • Dec 28, 2005
      Thank you for the comment. She's from tokyo mew mew. ^_^
      • Dec 28, 2005
        I've seen that show I thought it was pretty cool. Smile
        • Dec 28, 2005
          I havent seen it yet. Cry I only read the manga.
          • Dec 28, 2005
            They show it on the FOX network early in the morning on saturdays. That's how I saw it I dunno if it's the same where you live but that's when they show it in Nevada.
            • Dec 28, 2005
              I live in scotland and tokyo mew mew hasnt got it yet. Scotish tv sucks unless its green day.
              • Dec 28, 2005
                Aw that sucks well I'm sure you'll get it over there pretty soon Grin
                • Dec 29, 2005
                  I hope so! Big Smile
                  • Feb 15, 2006
                    ya me to am from england and i can't wait to see some new cartoons
  • Dec 31, 2006
    This is sooo cute! Favorite




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