Posted Jun 10, 2020, 4:02:55 AM

My cheeky boy Rifthalo!



One of my original Aqrion made way back in 2003 :)

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  • Jun 10, 2020
    I thought I was seeing an Aqrion Big Smile
    this looks awesome!
    • Jun 16, 2020
      Yea! Thanks!
      I love my sea babies, and hope others enjoy them too. <3
  • Jun 10, 2020
    This looks so cool! I love the colors and how Rifthalo fits in so well between the green plants and blue water. The background looks really nice as well, I love all the detail
    • Jun 16, 2020
      Thank you very much!
      I love his design so much. Was one of my original Aqrion made many many years ago.
  • Jun 13, 2020
    Love how happy your kid looks^^
    • Jun 16, 2020
      Aw thank you! This is probably the most detailed thing I've done.




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