Susanna and her plushie

Posted Jun 11, 2020, 5:59:12 PM

Old Picture but it won 1st in lupes on Neopets so I'm proud of it.


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  • Jun 11, 2020
    So cute!!
    I recognized the plushie, but didn't quite place it at first.
    Neopets! I haven't played those games in ages.
    • Jun 12, 2020
      Thank you!
      I've been on the site for 19 years ^^; spent too much money on it lol.
      They're currently in Open Beta for the mobile version of the site if you wanna check it out again Smile
      • Jun 16, 2020
        Oh cool. I didn't know they had a mobile. I might check into it, I always enjoyed that brick matching game they had.
        • Jul 1, 2020
          My main is Shakespeareghurl so shoot me a neofriend request if you do. XD It's easier to get neopoints now.




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