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OC: Dione Hyacinthus

Posted Jun 13, 2020, 12:54:48 PM
  • Name:           Dione Hyacinthus
  • Age:              128
  • Occupation:  Eladrin Elf Druid(Circle of the Forest)
  • Likes:            tea, flowers, books
  • Dislikes:        orc discrimination, spiders, messy households


Dione Hyacinthus was once the wife to the noble Half-Orc Kogan Njord of the Stonebark clan, the only Orc clan of it's kind to adopt the philosophy of peace-keeping and diplomacy until a mysterious cult arrived to destroy the small village. She ran as far as she can to find help until she reached in Triboar where she met Valen Autem and his partner in an Inn where she learned that the Town Mayor was responsible for hiring the cult to wipe out the village.

After putting the mayor in his place for his corruption, they arrived back to the village too late. Kogan died in his last efforts to stop the cult and the group end up leaving after they completing their job, leaving Dione to grieve for the loss of her husband and her village. Fortunately, there were a few survivors when the rescue group came to search in the wreckage, giving the young Eladrin a bit of peace of mind.
Feeling sympathy for her, Valen's act of kindness helped Dione's grieving period during the years on the road for answers of what the cult actually is, and overtime their companionship grew into love and they became a married couple. After getting a tip from their former friend, they set off to find their first clue to the cult as they began to be apart of a ragtag group of other folks who have similar goals in mind in that chilling winter...
This OC is one of my many D&D characters I have in my inventory as well as my top favorite. Usually she would wear something light and leaning towards Bohemian styles but since the game campaign I'm apart of is set in a Wintery climate, I had to design her in a winter get up that still says it's her and that she's a Druid. 
A fun fact, the spouse she has, Valen Autem, belongs to my boyfriend and we both love their dynamic together~
Enjoy the pic~!

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