[PD ARPG] Salathiel portrait

Posted Jun 15, 2020, 4:37:01 AM

Look at my second attempt at humans!! (heck i know it's trash xD)

Meet my main humanoid OC, Salathiel! He's a Sereate (one of my own species) which means that he has wings that are able to be retracted (so those of u who would die drawing his wings u have an option not to lol). 


Name: [L-02] Salatiel Darkmantle

Age: 12 (Around 20-21 human years)

Gender/sex: Male

Species: Sereate

Backstory: Salathiel is a quiet person who usually wishes to be alone. He plays the flute and enjoys it quite a bit, but often only when no one is watching. He defaults to attempting to sympathize with others, and it was especially hard on him when he accidentally caused his brother's death (even though said brother and adoptive parents promptly treated him like trash when he was younger, causing him to be instinctively scared of other beings). He still blames himself for his brother's death. He lives with a female Airus who rescued him from the ashes of a training centre. (Full lore available upon request + attached in ref sheet Later)

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