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Posted Jun 20, 2020, 9:14:44 PM

I drew this a while ago, but I still like it. The lines/shading were done before I changed her design, so I recolored it. 

It breaks my heart that I canโ€™t keep succulents alive in real life. Idk how I even manage to do it, but all my plants keep dying. At least I can draw them

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  • Jun 21, 2020
    This is such a pretty and soft piece ๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’›
    As a plant mom myself it's incredibly heartwarming too ๐Ÿ’›โœจ
    • Jun 28, 2020
      Thank you! Now that I'm not currently at uni and have more time to devote to other things, I'm trying again with a fern I got a couple days ago. Fingers crossed that I can keep this one alive
      • Jun 29, 2020
        Good luck!!! I hope it lives to be a strong and healthy little plant ๐Ÿ’›
  • Jun 22, 2020
    As always I love the things you do with the backgrounds involving transparency, the leafy aspect to it here is whimsical and endearing Heart The purple cast of the shading is a nice touch as well, it contributes to the soft but rich characteristics of the colors here. The cell shading style makes the details very crisp, the fur detail in particular is fun to look at.

    I feel like the only thing off about this are her hands. They seem a bit too large compared to her face and body, and the angle of her knuckles is a bit too straight so it creates an odd feel. That being said, I like how the toe/finger beans came out. Charming work, at this rate my favorites gallery is just going to be full of your pieces lol!
    • Jun 28, 2020
      Thank you! The shading was an old experiment mixing cell-shading with a more painted style. I agree about the hands. The size is partly because the original picture (this is a slightly edited version of an older piece) used her old design, which had only 3 fingers and toes. As for the shape and angles, hands are hard lol

      And thank you so much. I really do appreciate all of the comments and feedback you've given me.
      • Jun 28, 2020
        Shading experiments can be interesting, I have a few comic pages where I experimented with a sort of cell shading. At first it had a lot of sharp lines, but it looked very different from my usual stuff, was difficult, and took forever, so I ended up developing a softer version.

        Ohh, that makes sense, I must have missed that part of the description. Hands are definitely difficult, they seem to be the bane of artists everywhere!

        The community is my favorite part about PD- there's been several points where there'd be so little traffic on the site, so I certainly wasn't getting much exposure here, but the people and feel of it were well worth staying. I aim to comment a lot to foster that exact feel, I'm happy to help others feel the same way I do here Smile Especially when I get to comment on so many nice pieces haha!
  • Jun 28, 2020
    Nice colors and composition.