[CC] Rythe RoR 1

Posted Jun 21, 2020, 11:35:06 AM
I hope it's clear that he's singing, it's kinda hard to draw an open mouth from the back xD
I spent so much effort into that background too, idk why
Cross-posted into DA here, for the ARPG Chronocompass!

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  • Jun 22, 2020
    He has an interesting design, the asymmetric splotches add a natural feel to him similar to paint horses. With the dark line towards the middle, is that showing the boundary of a body of water?
    • Jun 29, 2020
      ah I forgot to reply! xD
      First off thank you <3 His asymmetric blotches are meant to be similar to a red-tobiano kind of look, and yeah that dark line is showing the boundary of water, but I probably could have done it better lol
      • Jun 29, 2020
        No problem! If you'd like any advice on the shore line, I wouldn't mind giving my thoughts on it, but I'm aware unrequested critique (even if intended to be constructive) is quite rude, so if not that's also fine!




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