Apocalypse Ulquiorra Portrait

Posted Jun 26, 2020, 6:54:57 AM

When I started this I didn't think I will have the nerve to do the full body but I did it yay...

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  • Jun 26, 2020
    The level of detail in this is incredible! His hair in particular, wow. I enjoy how the individual hairs aren't smooth and perfect, because real hair isn't, but rather is adds a sense of believability to the strands. The shading in it is also great, the details of the hair don't become muddled from the shade. However, in contrast to it, his skin does feel unnaturally smooth. His adams apple and collar bone area are nice, but the colors feel too uniform and it makes the quality of his skin feel more like some sort of smooth ceramic like porcelain rather than skin.

    The structure of his face is nice, he has very narrow features and broody eyes, which add to the dramatic feel of the piece. The general lighting is executed extremely well, but it feels odd that the green magic doesn't show against him. White is incredibly light reflective since it reflects all colors, so any colored light will affect what color the white presents distinctly. I can see from the black core of the magic that it likely isn't meant to be radiating light, however there is a visible glow around the distinct magic lines, and that glow in of itself would be enough to affect the white. It's a difficult color to handle, so its reasonably for something like that to slip by, (especially with all the beautiful work that already went into this!) but I feel like those were the biggest critiques I could offer, I hope this helps!
  • Jun 28, 2020
    This dude looks intense. like he's staring into my soul. Lovely work.