Lenas Plushie

Posted Jun 30, 2020, 9:58:03 AM

Beware of Lenas mighty plush fox companion! Well, not really.  xD


If you run away from home to go andventuring, travel through magical portals, and conquer the world, you would probably bring something... useful with you. Tools, weapons, and stuff like that.

One of the things Lena brought with her is... a little bit different. It's a soft, fluffy, small pillow-sized fox plushie with a blue ribbon.  It is quite old, has survived a lot of destructive stuff kids tend to do to their toys, and could tell some stories of itself. It has been repaired many times, with the seams becoming more and more messy over time. Most of the time Lena hides it deep beneath her other stuff. If someone finds it, it would be really embarassing for her. Which adventurer would carry a useless plushie around with them?

Well... Lena does. Although she would never admit it.


The plush fox was Lenas favourite toy when she was a kid, it was a trusty companion and a close, cuddly friend whenever she was sad and needed someone to hug. Her parents never had time for her, neither did her siblings. All she had was an army of nannys... and her toys. Especially her fluffy fox fried.

Today, Lena is of course way too old for all this. She doesn't play with toys anymore, (she definely doesn't cuddle it anymore, don't assume things!), and she's pretty much an adult right now. But still, this fox is special to her. It reminds her of better times, when her life has been fun and easy. Not the madness with politics, forced marriage and other adult stuff what it has become since then. She finds it comforting to still have it with her on her adventures.

And it is a small piece of home... a home she can never return to.


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  • Jun 30, 2020
    I love this! Not only is the drawing really cute, but it has a good story behind it. Good job!




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