Shadow of a Giant

Posted Jun 30, 2020, 12:20:25 PM
Prompt #3 - Epiales, Leviathans of the Depths
Epiales feature heavily in the lore and myths of the world. The massive creatures are mottled black and white and can grow the length of a five-story building. Their multitude of long, narrow fins can propel them through the water at a surprising speed. In spite of their intimidating size, they are incredibly gentle. Many citizens of the world will hitch rides on passing Epiales for fun. 
Here we see Theron in the first world, and he adapted accordingly with a stunning orange mermaid tail. It... was not what I originally wanted but I started sketching up an epiale, who in this case is an ancient breed that's basically the ancestor of whales - has the fins of a humpback whale while the coloring of an orca, but also has more fins than a modern-day whale would. I kinda just grew to love the design and think "hm i would be fun to draw the mermaid swimming underneath". Lighting was kindof a pain but it all came around in the end.

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  • Jul 2, 2020
    It may have been troublesome, but the effect of it is really nice. It's neat how he's under the whale, I'd find that to be exciting. Great use of the rocky border here, it's a clever way to add depth to a piece where that would otherwise be difficult to show.