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Posted Jun 30, 2020, 7:03:39 PM

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Good day!


Finally a platform where I feel safe enough to post my OCs' references,,

I have made updated reference sheets for my main OCs, Primoure, Moinlouppe, and Lisrie!

They're part of what I consider my main story: Pandora Box ( probably a temporal title ).


I'm not sure how engaged people would be in my story, but Prim Louppe and Lis are the Vasílieross triplets; all three were heir to the throne of Naós in Pandora until the Pyr Tragedy ended with their parents' and Moinlouppe's life, and sent Lisrie- the culprit- to Void Palace. Primoure had to inherit the throne at a young age with the help of her caretaker Patricia, and had little to no time to mourn the death of her family and the loss of her sister Lisrie.


Regardless, Primoure grows up to be one of Pandora's best high rulers.


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Primoure Vasílieross © SheepMomther

Art & Design © SheepMomther

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  • Jul 3, 2020
    I love the sheer size of her wings! A lot of people will give their characters wings but they'll be tiny- it's a valid stylistic choice, but I enjoy it so much when the size of the wings could realistically support the one using them Heart

    I'm glad that PD is a place that makes you feel safe! I love this little community and have bright hopes about its future, its delightful to see so many new members join. I hope this'll be a place that brings you a lot of interaction and good memories Smile
    • Jul 9, 2020
      Thank you!!! What worries me is when people design the primaries of a wing to be extra long while keeping the secondaries extra short which is very useless for flying lol. But yeah small wings are cute but for story purposes I'd rather have Prim and her sisters have large wings that support their flying hehe

      Me too!! I'm very glad I was introduced to it, and I'm even happier I get to host my ARPG here! It's such a nice little place with nice little people 💛💛💛




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