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Posted Jul 9, 2020, 7:17:40 PM
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Good day!
Finally a platform where I feel safe enough to post my OCs' references,,
I have made updated reference sheets for my main OCs, Primoure, Moinlouppe, and Lisrie!
They're part of what I consider my main story: Pandora Box ( probably a temporal title ).
I'm not sure how engaged people would be in my story, but Prim Louppe and Lis are the Vasílieross triplets; all three were heir to the throne of Naós in Pandora until the Pyr Tragedy ended with their parents' and Moinlouppe's life, and sent Lisrie- the culprit- to Void Palace. Lisrie is the one who caused the Pyr Tragedy and is locked away to prevent her from causing more damage, but she's rarely remembered due to the fear the story brings.
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Lisrie Vasílieross © SheepMomther
Art & Design © SheepMomther

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