Words of encouragement

Posted Jul 11, 2020, 10:23:49 PM

That was a lot of fun! Lil guy is very excited! He looks over towards the next events. “Oh my gosh! Let’s do that one!” Before you even get a chance to respond he has again grabbed your flipper and pulled you to the next stall.


“Dangling Donuts” it says. The little lad is hyped, and runs to get in line. These little fish donuts are dangling off strings that are tied on a pole. With your flippers tied behind your back, you must try to bite the Donuts off the strings.


- Depict your Aqrion helping the little guy catch some Dangling Donuts! -

those words would be encouraging if she wasn`t screaming them but it`s fine.

colored: +4
full shading: +4
standard background: +6
extra dragon: +2
event: +6

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